Pictures from Writing Day May 9, 2012 have finally been added. We read with buddy classes: 2nd grade Monkeys (Mrs. DeVisser) and 5th grade Gators (Mr. VanKampen).
by Cora

Mom, there is a monster in the dishwasher
so I can't unload it now.
So I am going to play with my friends for a little bit.
There is too a monster, Mom. Come and see. 
Go look, while I stay here and read a book.
Oh, you want me to come with you.
Well, I don't know. Fine, I will go with you.
What? Where did the monster go? It was right here. 
Maybe he went down the drain to stow.
I can't unload it. 
I broke my arm. I'm not winning you over with my charm?
I have to keep unloading.
What do you mean by that? 
Is this up for discussion? Can we have a chat?
The dishes have to be put away?



Spring pictures


I added some pictures from when we took advantage of a warm March day to get outside on a Friday afternoon. Check out "Meet the Students" and the "Pictures" links.
Check out some photos from our visit to the State Capitol. Our class split into 2 groups. So these pictures are from the group that went with Mrs. Dykhuizen's class.


Area and Perimeter


Check out this fun site for practicing area and perimeter:

FunBrain: Shape Surveyor
On Wednesday, March 7, 2012, we will be participating in World Read Aloud Day by having a video chat with the author, Leslie Bulion. She is the author of many books, including Hey There, Stink Bug and At the Sea Floor Cafe.

Check out the website for this event and read more about our guest author, Leslie Bulion at:


Leslie Bulion
In the Pictures section, look for some amazing artifacts from our Michigan Indian Museum. 

Then 2 groups performed for us on Valentine's Day. There was an exciting dance number and a cool voice performance. Sweet!
All 3rd grade writers, Check out this amazing opportunity to enter a writing contest.

make a flake


Just for fun, check out this website to make your own snowflake:

Make a Flake
We made a few instruments for our sound unit. Enjoy this video of the original homemade instrument band.